Copper Earth Link

Copper Earth Links are suited to provide a suitable common earthing point for several electrical installations. These are available with twin & single disconnecting links and allow for advanced electrical testing. They are also apt for advanced external applications. These links are suited for the applications where atmospheric conditions are severe than normal such as in the state of high humidity or high moisture content. They can be also used for the offshore saline atmospheres. Copper Earth Links are non-toxic and do not tarnish. They function well and allow for superior functionality. 

Braided Tin Flexible


Copper Earth Link

Check out this superior quality copper earth link that we are processing at Nakoda Enterprise. It is utilised in the production of earthing and lightning protection systems due to its high thermal and electrical conductivity, ease of fabrication, high rate of recycling, and superior corrosion resistance. This product is appreciated because of its better conductivity. Copper earth link is put into the earth pit to preserve resistivity in soil or rock conditions. Our offering provides resistance against rust, tarnishing and oxidisation. It acts like a shield on the copper surface for the prevention of atmospheric moisture.

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