Copper Flexible Connector

Copper Flexible Connectors are particularly made for delivering maximum flow of electrical power. They can function well with superior competency and are used on a large scale for the regulation of the machine. These solutions are accessible with value-added resistance. Offered connectors are widely used in transformers, computers, power generators and electrolytic processors. Copper Flexible Connectors are highly applicable for the planting as well as communication industry. They are meant to provide the essential flexibility in the piping system, so as to detain noise as well as redundant vibrations. These are commonly used as the flexible expansion joints that fulfill many industrial purposes.

Copper Flexible Connector

Earthing Flexible Connectors

Nakoda Enterprise is manufacturing supreme quality earthing flexible connectors. These are admired for high mechanical strength and stable hydrolysis. Our offerings are connected to terminal lugs at both ends for providing maximum power. The said products have excellent microbiological resistance, flexibility, light weight and more. These are ideal for filling heads, bulk bag fillers, or bag feeders. For applications requiring flexibility and endurance, such as those in the telecommunications industry, our grounding braids are a dependable and practical grounding solution. Our offerings are admired for longer service life, high strength, maximum efficiency and sturdiness. These are available in different finishes. 


Flexible Connector

Flexible Connectors are required to be used whenever there is a need to connect the machines or piping. If there are vibration, pressure, movements, or fluctuations in temperature which are required to be tolerated, they need to be rewarded by the use of these connectors. The basic function of Flexible Connectors are meant to provide piping systems with advanced flexibility. They can absorb vibration and noise. These also allow for a thermal growth and enable effective motion of other piping elements. They can make reduction in the stresses.


Flexible Jumper

Flexible Jumpers we offer are used to attach bus bars in Power Plants, Modular Cell, Switch gear Industries, Cathodic Protection, Transformer, and Bus Ducts. These are offered with a limited temperature capacity and are included with the short sections of rigid steel pipe. They are meant to provide some flexibility to the entire system. Flexible Jumpers are made with the Electro-Solidification process. They can function as the flexible expansion joints and their applications are Switchboards, Transformers, medium voltage Switchgear, and several other Electrical equipment.


Copper Tin Rope Flexible

We are here to provide optimum quality copper tin rope flexible. It is applicable for electric motorcycle, heater, PVC insulated armoured cables, cords & wires and instruments with high temperature. In addition to this, the said product is particularly beneficial for projects exposed to excess oil, gas, or water, subterranean subway systems, and wastewater treatment plants. Copper tin rope flexible is also ideal for utility projects in the Northeast and areas exposed to excessive sodium-chloride salts. This product reduces oxidation while yet enabling superior soldering and connection. It works well for electrical connections as well as situations where corrosion resistance is important.

Copper Tin Braided Flexible


Braided Wire Copper Flexible Connector

Braided Wire Flat Flexible Connector



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